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Matthew Hussey is the world’s leading dating expert for women. He is a New York Times bestselling author, a monthly relationship advice columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine, and the resident love expert on The Today Show. Love Life is a 360-degree approach to guaranteeing success in your love life, with a focus on Dating, Relationships, Career, Confidence and Family.
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Jan 30, 2017

Stop everything and listen to this episode right now. In it, I’m going to give you a quick tip that will get you immediate results with that nagging “to-do” you’ve been putting off forever. (You know which one I’m talking about.) Overwhelm has stood in your way of accomplishing something important for way too long, and today we’re going to “break the seal” and just start the damn thing. OK? OK! Hit “play” and let’s go…

Jan 27, 2017

So you’ve got strong feelings for a guy… He’s funny, he’s handsome, he’s kind, but there’s just one tiny problem: he just so happens to be your good friend’s ex-boyfriend. What do you do? Is it possible to date him and NOT screw up your friendship forever? In today’s episode, we look at the two issues at the core of this tricky dilemma, and I give you the only solution that could possibly make the situation work. I even hand you a script you can use to talk it out with your BFF that might just get her on board with the idea so you can actually have it both ways. (You’re welcome.)

Jan 23, 2017

Should you be ashamed of The Booty Call? If you’re just having fun, and you’re really ok with a casual fling, then I say, go for it. The problem is, there’s often more going on behind this so-called “arrangement” – feelings, expectations, unexpressed hopes…and emotional issues that run very deep. Who’s to blame when the balance of power goes awry? And what should you do if you decide you want more? We unravel this sticky entanglement in today’s LOVE Life, and I help you decide if your Booty Call really makes you happy, or if you should hang up on him for good.

Jan 20, 2017

As someone who gives love advice for a living, I’ve heard it all. Or so I thought… until I got this insane email question from a listener. Now let me clarify that the question is gross not in a raunchy way (although there is a sexual component to it; nothing too scandalous)… but because of the self-centered, transactional nature of the relationship it depicts. At this point you’ll probably tune in because I’ve piqued your curiosity, but I encourage you to listen because there’s a lesson we can all learn here about – if nothing else – what NOT to do in a healthy relationship.

Jan 18, 2017

Ok, here’s the formula to calculate the time it should take to get over your breakup: Grab a pen. I’ll wait…OK, now add the number of months you were together, and divide it by the number of fights you had about getting married and then… Come on, you know as well as I do that there’s no magic number when it comes to grieving the loss of your ex. But there IS a secret to lessening the pain and moving on to an exciting new beginning. In today’s episode, I tell you how.

Jan 16, 2017

“Be yourself.” To most people, this means, “you’re perfect, just as you are.” (Or, at worst, it’s considered a harmless cliché.)  But I believe this is awful advice, and in today’s LOVE Life I’m going to tell you why.  By the end of my rant – ahem, by the end of this episode – you’ll discover the mindset that will actually allow you to stretch beyond the “you” you always have been, and to grow, achieve, and become the absolute best version of “yourself.”

Jan 13, 2017

“There’s so much PASSION with this new guy I’m dating! We can’t keep our hands off of each other!” “I just want a job I can feel PASSIONATE about…” People throw around the “P” word every day, and it certainly sounds like something to strive for. After all, you should feel strongly about the important things in life, right? Well, in this episode of LOVE Life, I share my opinion on the topic of passion. It’s slightly controversial, but I think you’ll agree with me when you understand my reasoning behind it. So let everyone else chase the “sugar rush” of passion. Meanwhile, you can pursue something worthwhile that actually lasts.

Jan 11, 2017

Ok, you’ve got a million things to do today, and you’re not going to rest until you get it all done. So you work and you grind and you keep checking off your list until…you just hit a wall. You’re out of energy, you’re out of motivation, your list is still a mile long and – wait – what? It’s only 11am? We’ve all had days like this, and when they happen, we either a) just give up or b) try to “push on through” to get it all done, at which point we… just give up. Well today’s message is a must-listen, because I’ve got a totally counter-intuitive mind hack that’s going to help you squeeze much more productivity out of a less-than-motivated day. You’ll be shocked to learn what it is. Hint: You may even get to knock off with a cocktail at 4pm.

Jan 9, 2017

“Can you make it to my birthday tonight,” asks your friend who’s planned an annoyingly hipster “drinks thing” in a totally inconvenient neighborhood, starting at 11pm on a rainy Friday night when you’re exhausted and all you want to do is go home and binge on Netflix in your PJs. Do you say “yes” to spare her feelings…and bail later? Or be honest up front and risk disappointing her? What about when your boss asks if you can complete that big project by Monday? Do you agree even though you doubt you’ll have the time or the resources to follow through? In today’s episode of LOVE Life, we’re talking about why your word is the most important thing you have, and why the people who count on you will respect you more when you say the difficult thing first rather than let them down later.

Jan 6, 2017

I strongly believe we all have the power to create incredible lives. I even designed a 5-day Retreat process that helps thousands of women around the world, twice a year, do it in a radical way. So why am I, of all people, warning you against “following your dreams?” In today’s episode, I explain why motivational speeches and Instagram quotes actually set you up for failure. But don’t despair – I also share the real path to getting what you want most in life. It may not be dreamy, but it works.

Jan 4, 2017

Oh, hey, you left something on the table there… it’s ALL OF THE MONEY YOU’RE WASTING by not negotiating for the things you want! I know, it can be intimidating to ask for a discount or a raise, but a confident person knows her worth and speaks up to get what she deserves. Which is why I’m sharing with you today my 3 Insider Tips to Negotiate Like a Pro. I’ll even give you an opening line you can use with anyone to start the conversation off on the right foot, while still making sure YOU walk away on the winning end of the deal. 

Jan 2, 2017

Grab a pen and paper, because I’ve got a (fun) little assignment for you today! I’m going to give you a tip that you can use today that will transform the most important relationships in your life, year-round. You’ll be surprised to learn how simple this tiny, yet powerful, action is to implement, and how much it will mean to the people you care about.